Services about tariffs and reimbursement of 
pharmaceuticals (drugs) | Medical devices | Benefits in the Swiss Healthcare Market

Our offering

  • Consulting advisory service
  • Market research and analytics
  • Strategy development
  • Negotiation leadership
  • Application process for reimbursement of new benefits or medical devices
  • Configuration of new models together with all relevant stakeholders


  • Market Access
  • Reimbursement of benefits or medical devices
  • Negotiation of tariffs
  • Support with marketing concepts (or parts of it)
  • Sales planning
  • Design of new healthcare models

Customer segments

  • Producer or Distributor / placers of the product
  • Wholesaler
  • Specialised retailer for medical devices
  • Healthcare provider (physician, inpatient and outpatient care)
  • Social insurance (compulsory and complementary health care insurance, accident insurance, military services insurance, disability insurance)
  • Public Authorities (government)
  • Associations of customer groups

About us

  • 3 Heads
  • 3 sets of experiences (treasure trove of experience)
  • 3 sets of competencies

For you

  • 1 contact
  • 1 bundled Know-how

Florian Mitscherlich

Major topics

  • Tariffs, reimbursement of healthcare services
  • Negotiation leadership (tariffs)
  • Health Technology Assessment (HTA)
  • Evaluation of compulsory reimbursement for benefits and products
  • Application process for new benefits (healthcare provider)

Urs Henseler

Major topics

  • Project management
  • Corporate consulting
  • Process optimization
  • Negotiation leadership (Pharmaceuticals, complementary insurance coverage)
  • Procurement (purchasing) (Pharmaceuticals, complementary insurance coverage)

Rolf Müller

Major topics

  • Reimbursement of medical devices
  • Market Access
  • Support with marketing strategy and concepts
  • Negotiation leadership (medical devices)
  • Application process for medical devices (in case of application by the patient itself)


MHM Services GmbH
Am Tobelbach 17
8913 Ottenbach